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Floreria Gardenia is a florist known for beautiful flowers and excellent customer service. Whether you are looking to send someone flowers for a special occasion, or just to show how much you care, we have a wide variety of event flowers for you to choose from.

Flowers themselves carry symbolism that can affect the final product. A bouquet of red valentine roses is known to express utmost love for someone, while yellow roses can stand for forgiveness or showing a person you care. There are also specific fresh flowers that are common for “get well soon” occasions.

The arrangements that you put together will show you care for the person receiving them. If you're getting married, there's no better symbol of love than wedding flowers. Roses are an ancient symbol of love and beauty which stand the test of time to this day, like the love you share with someone when you marry them. They are also perfect as funeral flowers. Just because a loved one passes away doesn't mean you have to stop showing them just how much you love them. Leave one of our beautiful flower bouquets at their grave site and show them that they are not forgotten.

Flowers are a great way to show someone you are thinking of them, no matter the occasion. We have beautiful, fresh flowers ready to put into bouquets or floral arrangements. If you're seeking special occasion gifts or event flowers, contact Floreria Gardenia today. Our event planner and flower shop will be sure to find something great for you.

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